Leiden Lines is a drawing project by Bart Mulckhuijse

My name is Bart Mulckhuijse. I’m a dutch artist living in the city of Leiden (Holland). Leiden Lines (in dutch: “Leidse Lijnen”) is a drawing project, which I started in 2014. Actually the first drawings were made in France during my stay in the “Auvergne”. At home in Leiden I continued the works and the project was born.

Simplicity and recollection

Leidse Lijnen has evolved from a search – a quest – for simplicity. Would it be achievable with the least possible to make something beautiful? With only pencil and paper. With only lines. With the minimum of lines …

The search lead to realistic abstracts, without losing apperception. Minimalistic and yet exhibiting the essence of the subject.


My hometown Leiden was the motive and inspiration. Since 2014 I’m drawing the architecture, the cityscapes and landscapes surrounding Leiden. Gradually other cities, countries and subjects have slipped in. Thus the project evolved to what it is today

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