copyrightsMy works are protected by copyrights.

Of course I’m happy to hear you like my drawings and paintings. It makes me even happier, when you show your appreciation by buying one of my works. Please note that when you buy my work, it is meant for personal use, NOT for further publication and/or distribution.

Naturally I do not have any objections when you are copying my artwork for personal use. Go ahead… make 10 copies… a hundred…!

What I do mind is if you publish my drawing on your own website, profile page or any other public place. What is even more annoying to me, when you start selling copies of my drawings and paintings in a shop. I do object to that!

If you should like my works so much, and you would love to distribute them, I’m open to discuss that possibility! Please contact me and we will work something out…

Copyright statement

The copyrights of all products are with Bart Mulckhuijse and will remain with him after you bought the product.